a rhetorical rhetoric on the prosaic bird and the humanized tar

Juan Miguel Torres

the presiding bird hobbled to his throne
(a nostalgic troubadour guided from his home
by an egotistical guide:
a character of disguise)
            and who is this guy?
Overseer Gallup.  he told me of the bird’s flaw
indicating an alternative way of how
to rid of the old blue jay:
hemispheric elevation till the air gave way
             and why must this be so?
intellectual ferment barricades his brain
from the real assessment of the blame:
(an interrelated mistake in Swahili slang)
              swahili slang?
(Etat d’Or philistinic chasm)
the prestige of equality must be developed (por carte)
by a most rhetorical counterpart:
               quite clearly this exemplifies malice far
               unsurpassed by far!
	  can you really humanize a tar?
in a comprehensive study
(made by the old blue jay in his car)
facts were created to verify
that adolescent temperament coupled with altruistic farce
will enable anyone to humanize a tar
	   an atrocity of veracity!
our prosaic bird stumbled onto this one
who demonstrated severe leftist tendencies
and even notable prominent frenzies!
the bird concluded as far to say
that this one even named himself a marxy (unashamed!)