title to the story of my last 22 years

Juan Miguel Torres

it's rainy
and cold
and there's a wind
that penetrates my very soul
                                                  i hear a call
                                                  it's a scream
                                                  is begging to be free
                      but I see no one
                                                  i look around
                                                  up and
                                                  and then i hear it again
the rain doesn't make it any less clear
and the wind can't stop it
                                                  it comes to me near
                     and then i realize
                                                  the rain was my tears
                                                  the cold my heart
                                                  the wind
                                                  freedom whispering at my ear
                                                                             it was me
						                             to be free
					                                     and for the first time
                                                                             i could hear