toll master bell

Juan Miguel Torres

toll, toll, and toll again dead and cold bell
ring loudly to the haunted their delirious nightmares
ring fearful memories, give them a cold sweat and a simple prayer
toll the triumph of age; the taste of unreachable air
toll dead bell to the already gone their dreams of the past
and toll to them a dismal, howling sound and a mighty clamoring
till the air becomes alive with a monstrous urgency

dead, dead and dead and cold is the world
master bell ring a monotonous mournful melody
ring it with slow intervals of maddening, hateful regularity
cold, cold and dead bell let me strip the world of its bigotry
let me see you send this world screaming out of apathy
let me hear the hollow music that shook, out of here, reality
and brought anguish to an eternal chill of tragedy
toll, toll and toll again dead and cold bell